Monday, 11 September 2017

Make your own artist profile

Name: Jonathan
Age: 10
Nationality: China
Best known for: Select your favourite piece of artwork you have done in class and justify why it is your favourite piece of artwork.
My favourite piece of artwork is my collage because it is a very nice color and they merge well too.
Influences: Based on the art collage what made you decide to choose that object and that colour.
I chose the blueberry because it is very common especially when they are nice. I chose blue because blue berries are blue and it's also a very nice color
Purpose of artwork: What was the purpose of the college? Refer to the WALT which was to  balance colour in a collage
The purpose was to make a piece of artwork by choosing a common thing you see and then get magazines cut out simple colors and merge them together
Creation of artwork: Explain the process of how you made the art college and how you balanced one colour in the art collage.
First I chose what I wanted to do then cut out lots of blue from magazines. Once I had cut lots out I glued them together on a piece of paper all joining and made sure everything was glued down.

Take a photo of your piece of artwork to be included in your artist profile and display it on your blog along with your artist profile.



Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Jonathan's Jumping Jelly Recipe

Jonathans Jumping Jelly

Ingredients:                                                 Equipment:                                                

-Box of jelly crystals                                    -Stirring bowl
-250 ml Boiling water                                  - Spoon
                                                                     - Fridge    
                                                                     -  Kettle  

.                                                                                   .
1. Make sure your kettle has hot water.
  2. In a bowl pour all your jelly crystals in.

  3. When the water is boiled with help from a parent add 250 milliliters into the bowl

  4. Stir with a spoon until you can not see or feel any more crystals. The crystals will dissolve and your water should be the color of the crystals.

 5.When dissolved put into the fridge. Wait for a day or few hours. ( If still liquidy keep in fridge if a wobbly and not watery substance it has set)

Image result for jelly in a bowl

 6. Take out and enjoy!


Monday, 28 August 2017


W.A.L.T identify visual language features to convey a health message. this message is Always wash your hands and then no germs will spread

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Before fridges people used ice that came from lakes to keep their food cold. When the first early fridge was made people's lives would have changed by a lot.

The fridge has changed over the years by normal expansions like getting more room and being able to control the temperature.

A good thing about the fridge would be is that you would be very close towards it and also it would be just as cold as using ice.
A bad thing about the fridge is it used coal and when it is used it makes the air.
Using the refrigerator meant that you could cool your stuff more easily.
Another bad thing is that you would have to waste more electricity on trying to power it
You can store your food for much longer.
You might have problems using it and things that aren't supposed to happen might happen. Like having to deal with it when it is broken
Without spoiled food you will live longer.

It used coal and fossil fuels that can pollute the air which could cause people getting disabilities and getting brain damage from polluted air.

Since it uses all this stuff it means that there could be less stuff for other important invention. When it pollutes the air it helps global warming because all of the hot air.

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